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It’s important to keep updating this site with what I’m working on behind the scenes and things that make their way to the front page. As of now the website is slowly coming along and is almost finished! While that has been going on, I’ve been practicing and really trying to get better at Photoshop. This is a piece I have been working on the last few days. It’s kind of flat and could really be better. I just have to learn what it takes. One thing I really want to get good at is masking out images of players, especially live action game photos. It’s very tedious but I think it will be a skill worth while!



I’ve done a few pieces today that I am very proud of. I updated all of our social media profile pictures and banners to give our team a fresh new look. The previous twitter banner was very old and featured long retired players. I think this new one is perfect for the new area of Redbirds Hockey. Too bad Twitter’s compression is terrible. I also made this #Hereforgood post that will be posted in the future and I’m very proud of this sleek white design. I might use it in the future.

Social media banner


There has been a lot of updates. Things are moving really fast and It would take so much time to update this everyday. So I will be updating this page in batches every once in a while. First off, our Instagram is looking really good! I’m very proud of these recent 9 and the style I’m developing for the team! I’m especially proud of the post the features Steve Meister and our Star Wars Day post. I put a lot of work into those two!

post 8.jpg
post 7.jpg


The thing I am most excited for is the billboard! I cant believe my design is going to be printed on a 8ft x 12ft canvas featured outside the stadium! That’s something I can really only dream about! My photos and my design displayed for everyone and every fan to see as they enter to cheer on our team! My work is reaching new heights! This one below isn’t the actual 100% complete design we submitted to the printer. There is a white boarder around the bird and this is a wider image than the one that will be printed. Featuring Marc was a good choice even though he is no longer on the team.


sean grady

Next week I will have the pleasure of meeting my idol and inspiration through this entire process, Sean Grady, the Sr. Graphic Designer of the Chicago Blackhawks. Since joining the Redbirds, I have fallen in love with my job. Nothing through this entire process has ever felt like work! The photography, graphic design, the meetings, social media, all of it! Sean Berry inspires my photography but Sean inspires my design. Obviously, because most of my stuff resembles the looks the Blackhawks go for. That vintage jersey feel. Because of my job at Walsh I was able to make a significant connection to Sean and we will have lunch together next week! I have never been so excited! He literally holds the position I want for a career, a graphic designer of a NHL team. I know I constantly say I want to photograph team, and I do, but the goal is really to land a position with a professional team in a creative department. This whole marketing and branding is too much fun! I love all of it! I’m so excited to tell Sean my story and all my efforts!



One of the most exciting jobs I have been tasked to do was help design our home jerseys for next season! I have always wanted to design a uniform and this project has been a blast. Ideas we flowing like a waterfall and I came up with some ideas I really like. I had to make a jersey that was clean, bold, and striking all at the same time while still keeping the style that was are trying to define as an organization. Bobby was hoping to make some throwback jerseys for the boys, however I said that we still don’t have a prominent home jersey. The whites are amazing but our black ones are trash. So I decided to take our white jersey and invert the colors to make a red that matches our whites. The grey one was a unique design that I suggested, however, I think the red one is a the route to take. The red one with the capital “I” was the original design that I came up with for a throwback, but we aren’t allowed to use that logo. Still cool though. I just took a design from JOG Athletics and replaced it with the logo (Clearly I didn’t do much designing on that one.)











So, I think I’m going to take a break on trying to update the website. I’ve gotten it close enough to how I want it to look but It’s been way too much of a head ache to continue it further. It’s been 2 and a half months of constant emails and phone calls and still can’t upload it right. It takes 2 weeks to get a single background updated and I don’t want to have to deal with this anymore. I’ll come back to it later to get a more long term background going. For now, it is good enough. The nav is taller than the text and the bottom of the website does not fade to white like it does the picture I sent them. I don’t know what they did.



Print updates

Yesterday, I got to see my first of hopefully many large signs/billboards hung! It was such a surreal moment to see my photo and artwork hung and displayed on such a large scale. I see a lot of room and opportunities for a better design and improvement, but you live and you learn I only look forward to getting better in this bushiness. However, I am not disappointed, I am very proud of my work and can’t wait for this season to start!

Name plates

Another thing that will be printed soon are the name plates that are going to be hung in each stall for the player’s locker room. It’s not as impressive as a billboard but it’s something I put a lot of effort and research into to be inspired to best help represent the players that will wear the redbird this season. They want their name to be displayed on something nice!



Pocket Schedule

pocket schedule.png

Locker room Doors