Mission Statement


The team is sitting in a really good position right now. There is no better time in this organizations history, than right now, to really go all out. Not only will my efforts hopefully boost the awareness of the club, but with the exiting of the Central Illinois Flying Aces from Grossinger Motors Arena, ISU hockey will become the only hockey team in Bloomington, Illinois. Along with the fact that University of Illinois will be joining the NCAA in a few years, it’s my bold prediction that hockey will be coming to central Illinois in a bigger way and we want to get on that hype train while it’s still coming. Not only will we be gaining the mourning fans of the Flying Aces but we will hopefully catch the attention of a younger generation that is inspired by our neighbors in Champaign, Illinois. I have met with our head coach, Bobby DiNardi, once already to discuss the business plan for the team. We both are on the same page on how this team needs to operate and function. Establish a positive atmosphere, boost moral, fake professionalism. Although we are a RSO, we are going to ignore that. Treat the team as if we are a real hockey club. We really want to follow that statement because the excuse that we are a RSO can defeat our efforts significantly easier than any other excuse. I feel that if I keep telling myself that “It does not matter how hard I work, it’s only a RSO” then that will really hold me back from working my hardest and never reaching our potential. How can we achieve NCAA status if we keep thinking that we are worthless? That attitude has to stop. If I would put the mission statement into one single phrase it would be “Mask the illusion that we are a RSO.”